Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Hate Milk !

I hate milk
You ask me why?
‘Cos I hate that bulk;
The pesky old cow.
There was a time I loved
Both the cow and milk
With all the excitement of a village life
So different and fresh
From the city life I had led.

Until that fateful day
The cow we called Ammu,
Who had me fooled fully
With her pristine naïve looks,
Gave me an unforgetful trip
Around the village, through the fields
With me screaming my tonsils out
Until she pinned me down
With her sharp curved horn
Landing me on the doctor’s stretch
Where he sewed me up like a ragged doll.

Ever since then
To get back at Ammu & all her kinds
I scorn at milk
N’ hate it with all my heart
Until cows change their major product
Or lose their horns.

(This surely doesn't fit into my usual genre of poems;but there surely has to be an outlet somewhere for the kiddo poet in me)