Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Hopes

I sit pondering here
In the warmth of your lap
My thoughts force a tear to my eye
A tear in remembrance to the past-
Gloriously wrapped in beauty
Abundant scenic charm
Resplendent green pastures,splendid landscapes.

Times have changed...
Homes have turned to houses
N' have grown closer
While people drift farther.
The love, the bonding, the belonging
All have given way to materialism.
Your beauty unexplored
Has plunged from exuberant brilliance
To virgin abandonment.

Despair engulfs me with these thoughts
But in your loving lap
I take the courage to hope;
Hope that times do change again
N' change for the best.
Hope that the charm of yesteryears
Rebloom in bounty.

Hoping that my hopes come true........

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

gOOD bYE !

I try hard....
But it seems am out to be defeated;
Defeated even by myself.
I strain my being
Starve it of all its needs;
Yet all it yearns for
All it asks for,
All it waits for
Is You....
The pangs of pain fail to get attention
The fear of death fails to draw heed
Your absence is all that is noticed;
Noticed with unbearble gloom..
So unbearably traumatic
Death seems a solace
N' is waited eagerly for...
But even death defeats me...
N' why shouldn't all defeat me
When You did???
I should invariably expect worse,
Viciously worse from the crowded lonely world....
So now I am prepared
Prepared to face defeat
Prepared to embrace death
Prepared to lose you
With tears in the eyes
N' a jubilant smile on my lips..