Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Shifting !

am shifting.. Its like moving into a house I have been dreaming for years.. Yes; but it isn't actually a home shifting that am talking about, but a shift from blogosphere. 6 blogs were gettign a bit too handful to maintain and to read (as reported by trusted sources). So, here is the solution. am moving all my blogs under a single roof; where as desired before by me, you could choose which section you'd want to read or not ( From the Menu) and if you aren't particular, I'd be really happy if you go through all. Its just created today. So, the site-warming (if there exists a term like that) is today.. Like when we move home, we still expect our friends to visit us and be friends.. All my friends here are requested to come and be a part of my new site Banter Battery.

 Can't tell you how glad I am to be a domain owner. So, Meenakshi Nair is the official owner / Boss at .Waiting to meet you all there !!!

P.S : A big big bear hug to Raghu ji for making this suppressed dream a reality. I was so very excited and moved by the kind of initiative and trouble he went through for this, I don't even remember saying as much as a thank you to him. Maybe am not that good at mouthing my emotions verbally. But really, from the bottom of my heart; Thanks a ton!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Hate Milk !

I hate milk
You ask me why?
‘Cos I hate that bulk;
The pesky old cow.
There was a time I loved
Both the cow and milk
With all the excitement of a village life
So different and fresh
From the city life I had led.

Until that fateful day
The cow we called Ammu,
Who had me fooled fully
With her pristine naïve looks,
Gave me an unforgetful trip
Around the village, through the fields
With me screaming my tonsils out
Until she pinned me down
With her sharp curved horn
Landing me on the doctor’s stretch
Where he sewed me up like a ragged doll.

Ever since then
To get back at Ammu & all her kinds
I scorn at milk
N’ hate it with all my heart
Until cows change their major product
Or lose their horns.

(This surely doesn't fit into my usual genre of poems;but there surely has to be an outlet somewhere for the kiddo poet in me)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleep Well, Dear !

Is it a crime to be crazily in love?
Yea? Then a criminal I be
Find me my prison.
Just one wish i hold-
Till an end comes to the world
He be as much mine
As I have become his.
"I love you" sounds so formal
Reflects my feeling with light so normal.
I wish I could go to the stars
Rearrange them to mark our name.
Let the world see the shining gleam
Of my golden dream
While you sleep to glory.
'N I find no way to hide nor bury
All I feel for you & all I wish to speak.
Sleep while these stars twinkle
Till the sun brings up the dawn.
I shall wake you up
For our journey in a brand new day...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dozzze On

Sleep baby girl;
With ur tear streaked cheeks,
With the lullaby of silence,
Hugging your trembling body,
Holding the past hours of weeping
N' the pain pricking your heart.
Some fairy angel from another world
Will feel some pity on you
Will come to hold u close
To take away your pain
To kiss you on ur red swollen eyes.
Sleep -
The morning shall be brighter than this night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A breeze of cold wind
In this hot evening
Or was it just the thought of you?

The silent wish of you being with me
In these lonely times
Now and Forever?

T'is shiver of glee that ran through me
Is as much a mystery
As are thou...