Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As the night slowly draws
From shade to absolute darkness
My enemies come forth
N' gnaws me mercilessly
My tears serve not
As they usually do
But to brighten manifold
The burning pain within
I fantasize my victory
Every minute every day
From the dreaded enemies
Yet I fail, I fail, I fail
Tonight the pain
Just weighs me down
I might overcome
Or simply be drowned
Till sleep comes to my rescue
I have but one way to survive;
Hug my enemies till I die
That's how all these days went by;
I embrace tight
Every day, every night
My loneliness...



Tomz said...

I like those which are frequent in your poetries, lonelines, freedom, hopes and expectation etc ..Thnk you keep on writing..

sandeep said...

You have done a nice work , your way of writting is too good . Your lines are so expressive its touching the heart , keep writing poems like the way you are writting now

Meenakshi said...

@ Tomz:
Thanks a lot.. Read ur poems too, will soon take time out to read each in detail and comment..

@ Sandeep:
Thanks for visiting, reading and being so liberal in the praises.. i will surely try to keep on writing and improving as i go on.. Thanks a lot, once again, for commenting.. it was a great motivation.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

This is a brilliant one as brilliance could ever be. Not for the style, not for the lines but simply for the thought and the way you expressed it in many ways.

And that pic.! Did you take that one? "Brilliant" would be too little a word to qualify it.

Loved this one, honestly!!!