Sunday, April 15, 2007


Loneliness gnaws me hard...
But there's not much i can do
I seem to love this too
'Cos this loneliness
You give to me
The pain is hard to bite on
The sorrow is hard to hide
My eyes show it all
I wish u were near
'Cos u would surely have hugged me hard
And the pain would have vanished...
I love u more than u can ever imagine
I love u for u r mine
I love u for am urs
Its easy to die
Yet i find it so hard to do
'Cos i yearn to live with u
I yearn to fulfill our dreams
I yearn to bring our kids to the world
I yearn to live forever in ur arms
In the warmth of ur love
Thats all i ask u.........................


loganandhini said...

this is wonderful......

player-khel-zindagi said...

hope u get wht u wish for!!
God bless U!!