Friday, April 20, 2007

The Task

I know not why I do
As i do know
Empty my hearts contents:
Open to you now
Maybe I had have enough
Enough of trying to learn myself
I might be pleading you aid
Aid to know my true self
The self none sees
Deep within where no eye falls
Beneath the fair skin
Beneath the layers of flesh
Try and delve deep
Deep to help me find me out
I have lent my voice
My inner private voice away
My only speech troubles only you.
Only your patient ears
Stranger though you are
I tire you with the task
You may have no need of me
I know
I go on
On and on
Not knowing why you
A stranger,of all beings......

1 comment:

Sketches from a Writer's Album said...

Your poems resembles me the great lines of Emily Dickenson and Silvia Path, Great imagery, unveil the heart as much as you can, then you can find the real passion of writing